Bombay / Black Panther

Bombay / Black Panther


The Bombay was developed with the intention of producing a domestic cat with the appearance of a miniature Black Panther. A successful attempt in America in 1965 crossed Burmese with black American Shorthairs. This combination kept the body shape of the Burmese, with a sleek, shiny black coat.

At this time, Bombay is the name given to black cats of Asian breed (the cat in the Asian / Kalahari Dead Tree juxtaposition would also be classed as a Bombay).

Bombays are highly affectionate, and particularly well-suited to living with children. They may look like panthers, but their snuggly, playful nature belies this appearance!

Bombay / Black Panther

I had been playing with the idea of drawing a set of big cats for fun, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to get some practice! It was a very experimental image – working with new pens that turned out to not be so great, and focusing on black as a main colour. Trying to balance the size and position of the two cats to attain something natural and comfortable was difficult due to their closeness.

I may well revisit this image in the near future, and work out the kinks… For now, enjoy that menacing panther glare!


2 thoughts on “Bombay / Black Panther

  1. I think my neighbour must have a Bombay…her two pure black ones are very affectionate, and they love to talk too! I like this image for showing the connection between the two species. Look forward to any re-works you may decide to do! 🙂


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