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New prints available


Limited edition prints are available for the following cats:

Bambino / Shade


Asian Semi-longhair / Tiffany styled lamp


Asian / Kalahari Dead Tree


American Wirehair / Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes


American Bobtail / Double Fold Death Defying Water Mystery Box


Only 5 prints of each image are available, A4 sized on archival art paper. Prints are unframed, and will be shipped rolled in a transport tube.

A few prints still remain from the original print run:

American Curl / Hair Salon

Aegean / Stained Glass

Abyssinian / Zebra

Cats that do not have prints yet are being fixed up ready for their own print run.

Information regarding orders, prices and payment is at the Order Artwork page.

3 thoughts on “New prints available

    1. Thank you! They each have their own character and appeal, I like to think 🙂 I’m always fascinated by which one appeals most, as it’s different for each person and people feel strongly about it!


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